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Sanding Belts


Our manufactory is providing both Wide belts and Narrow belts with customer designed Abrasives grain, such as Aluminium Oxide, Silicon Carbide, Zirconia, and Ceramic.


For many non-stock belts, our service centers offer all the benefits of an ISO 9001 / ISO 14001 quality manufacturer and the advantages of a coated abrasives express belt service. The made-to-order belts production lead-time is 2 days for narrow belts and 3 days for wide belts, and will be shipped within 5 days of receiving the order.


Cloth Wide Belts/Narrow Belts - Typical Applications:

  • General metalworking applications

  • Plate dimensioning

  • Grinding

  • Machining and deburring a variety of materials


Heavy Paper Wide Belts  - Typical Applications:

  • Woodworking applications where close tolerances and quality finishes are required

  • Intermediate wide belt sanding

  • Upgrading the finish of raised panels, doors, face frames, drawer fronts, and other components

  • Sealer sandin


For customization, Please contact us directly



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