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What are the common problems and solutions on the surface of ceramic grinding wheels?

Ceramic grinding wheels are prone to some problems on their surface which can lead to the performance of the ceramic grinding wheel in long-term work.

  First, there are scratches on the surface of the grinding wheel.

1. grinding wheel is too soft: choose harder grinding wheel.

2. grinding wheel is too coarse: choose harder grinding wheel or grinding wheel dressing speed slow.

3. coolant unclean: clean the cooling tank or replace the coolant.

4. dressing problem: view dressing equipment.

  Second, the appearance of the grinding wheel uneven or not parallel

1.Workpiece burn: use the correct particle size and hardness.

2.Electromagnetic clip dirty: clean electromagnetic clip before fine grinding.

3.Workpiece residual stress: eliminate residual stress before fine grinding.

4.Grinding wheel axis not adjusted: adjust from scratch to make the grinding wheel axis parallel with the table.

5.Feeding amount is too large: reduce the feeding amount, especially in the stage of fine grinding.

  Third, the grinding wheel has vibration grain

1. grinding wheel is too hard: use a softer grinding wheel.

2. clamping is loose: check the flange bolt.

3. spindle bearing wear: check the spindle bearing.

4. grinding wheel arrangement is too close: use a more open arrangement of the structure of the grinding wheel.

5. grinding wheel has runout: repair the grinding wheel from scratch and view the device.

  When the ceramic grinding wheel surface of these problems, we need to solve the problem in a timely manner, so as to ensure the performance of the ceramic grinding wheel. We are a professional grinding wheel manufacturer, to share with you in detail all kinds of grinding wheel specifications, models, prices, pictures, etc., product quality, quality assurance, with professional technical strength, advanced production equipment or testing equipment, according to the user's different requirements to develop a variety of grinding wheels with special purposes.

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